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A G’mic lecture

In march, I gave a G’mic lecture to my colleagues to show them that they should stop using anything else. I post it here because I feel it might be of some interest to someone here. It can interest you if you want to give a lecture, but it contains examples and exercises that you may be just curious to check out as a G’mic student.

As you’ll see, they are no slides, the lessons are just series of G’mic basic commands that, with the lecturer speech, show to the audience the different concepts of G’mic. And from time to time, there are exercises adapted to the level.

The intended audience was a group of 10 scientist in materials ranging from the soon to be graduate to the senior researcher. The G’mic lesson took the whole day. I wanted the difficulty level to raise steeply so that nobody could get asleep and so that we had time to see all that can be done with G’mic. This might have been an error, to progress in G’mic, one should get to know the many commands, and this requires time. The latest exercises are anyway well too difficult for beginners and are just here as a demo. The end of the day was spent discussing about the students own problems.

however, at the end, the main objective was fulfilled. They knew what they could do with G’mic, they knew where to search to continue.

If you feel curious, download the tarball and check all that out.