In English:

You’d better go to the official wiki, you’ll find everything that is here updated and much more.


G’mic: The command line behind the Gimp plug-in
How to create a custom filter in the G’mic plug-in
G’mic : Making better custom filters

Command line

G’mic Command Line: First steps
Custom command for the command line
G’mic: Image and format
About the image stack
A G’mic lecture

Other things

Another blog dealing about image treatment mostly with G’mic

En français:

Vous devriez aller sur le wiki officiel. Tout ce qui est ici est aussi là-bas, un peu plus à jour.
Comment créer un filtre dans le greffon G’mic ?
Initiation au langage G’mic
G’mic: Image et format


Other languages:

Waiting for translators…

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